Source code for chi.image

from .clients import glance

from glanceclient.exc import NotFound

__all__ = [

[docs]def get_image(ref): """Get an image by its ID or name. Args: ref (str): The ID or name of the image. Returns: The image matching the ID or name. Raises: NotFound: If the image could not be found. """ try: return glance().images.get(ref) except NotFound: return glance().images.get(get_image_id(ref))
[docs]def get_image_id(name): """Look up an image's ID from its name. Args: name (str): The name of the image. Returns: The ID of the found image. Raises: ValueError: If the image could not be found, or if multiple images matched the name. """ images = list(glance().images.list(filters={'name': name})) if not images: raise ValueError(f'No images found matching name "{name}"') elif len(images) > 1: raise ValueError(f'Multiple images found matching name "{name}"') return images[0].id
[docs]def list_images(): """List all images under the current project. Returns: All images associated with the current project. """ return list(glance().images.list())